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We are VTF, or the Velvetyne Type Foundry. We design and distribute free and open source typefaces since 2010. We organise ass-kicking workshops for humans and computers.

VTF was created in 2010 by Frank Adebiaye as a logic continuation to his blog about typography and type design. He started it on his own, but he quickly invited Jérémy Landes-Nones and Sébastien Hayez to join him in the adventure. Nowadays, Velvetyne is a growing collective run by the three founding members in addition to Raphaël Bastide, Naima Ben Ayed, Martin Desinde, Hypsoline, Julien Imbert, Océane Juvin, Lucas Le BihanAriel Martín Pérez, Anton Moglia and Jean-Baptiste Morizot.

The foundry is happy to count among its published designers: Quentin BodinJil DanielAdrien MidzicMatthieu CannavoChristophe BadaniLoïc Sander, Olivier Dolbeau, Hélène Marian Srodogora, Charles Pailler, Morgan Gilbert,, George Triantafyllakos

WTF can I do with VTF fonts???

All the fonts hosted on Velvetyne are libre and open-source. This means that you can :
1. use them
2. modify them
3. redistribute them
4. redistribute the modified versions.

These rules are true for all personal and commercial works. Velvetyne fonts can be used on any medium you can imagine: poster, logo, magazine, website, app, t-shirt, music video, truck… Remember that you must credit the name of the type designer and of our foundry whenever you use one of our fonts.

If there’s any feature of our fonts that doesn’t suit you, you’re free to change it in order to fit your tastes or your needs. In this case, you have to redistribute your creation under the same licence that the original typeface was released. Please don’t hesitate to send us the modified versions of our fonts!

Support and donate

If you like our fonts and our activities, please consider donating to our non-profit organisation. This will allow us to continue distributing new quality, open source fonts and improving our existing catalogue. Visit our donation page.

Our Manifesto

We, VTF, dauntless offspring of the Postscript generation, we chase at the speed of the electron, the course of typography and its attendant of wrestling writing warriors. Like Spartacus, we unchain glyphs from unfair laws and arbitrary conventions, like Ben Hur on a gigantic tank, we welcome script horsewomen and type charioteers and all tremendous, armed with bulletpoint pen and bold crossbows, wearing draw hats, we challenge here and now the tantalizing palimpsest of today.

Let’s keep in touch

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We are always looking for new fonts and new people. If you want to publish a font with us or join our adventure, drop us a mail:
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About this website

This website was designed by Raphaël Bastide assisted by Étienne Ozeray. Jérémy Landes takes a share of the updates of the site. It was developped with ofont, and set in Millimetre, Steps Mono (stretched) and Sporting Grotesque.