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Amazing workshops by VTF

We organise free workshops based on cool topics. They happend mostly in Paris, but if you want to invite us abroad, do not hesitate to contact us, we love to travel, speack our french-english and meet new people.

Font Fonk Fork

Our last workshop took place during the early days of 2016 summer in la Générale in Paris. This workshop was about the fork, the fact of modifying an open-source project. All participants created a different version of the same typeface, Cooper Hewitt, designed by Chester Jenkins for the New York Smithsonian Design Museum. These different typefaces build a new complex family with diverse fonts sharing the same structure and rythm. See and download the results on the project's page.

Picto Porn

A 4 days long collaborative workshop organized with La Générale. We developped an incomplete pictogram librairy representing the tags in porn movies. Read a long article (in french) on ActuaLitte. See the results on the project’s page.


A 2 days workshop organized with the École National des Arts Décoratifs and La Générale around the theme of the resistance. The aim was to create a font supporting the incoming exhibition communication. We worked with the students with open-source softwares to achieve this goal. Learn more on the project’s page (in french).

Marathon Général


Our first event organized with La Générale. This workshop was about creating typeface with open-source tools in mind. Learn more on the project’s page and see photos.



A two hours workshop to find a logogram for the word “with”. Learn more on the project’s page.