VTF is excited to announce an upcoming event in the heart of Paris, dedicated to the release of "JGS", a font crafted by Adel Faure for text-based art.

⟿ Rendez-vous on May 30, 19:30 at la Générale, 39 rue Gassendi, Paris 14.

The evening will kick off with an introduction by the VTF members. Come to meet, eat, drink and share!

Author: Alex Slobzheninov

Alex does all sorts of graphic design with typography and type design in its core. He loves clever ideas, new technologies, booming colors and good people. Alex is a part of Pangram Pangram Foundry, Sagmeister & Walsh and he joined Velvetyne in 2019.

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Typefaces Alex Slobzheninov contributed to or forked

Ле Мурмур, an update for Le Murmure with Cyrillic?! Сюрприз!

Le Murmure