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When fonts retire

As part of our latest website redesign and re-publication, we decided to retire 29 typefaces from our catalogue. What does that mean? It means that our catalogue was growing too big for us to apprehend it, and we decided it was time to do some (very late) spring cleaning.

Why did we retire these specific fonts? During the last years, we’ve been re-considering what the Velvetyne editorial line was. And for a long time, it was a sum of a lot of unsaid things, a bit blurry, and not similar between every member of our team. Which is all fine, but not very clear, for us or for others (you). So last summer, during a creative retreat in Lure, we established this list of criteria to release or keep a font in our catalogue:

Listing these criteria helped us figuring that some of the fonts in our catalogue didn’t match much with what Velvetyne was today, all for different reasons. And thus we decided to comb our catalogue through this criteria, with an obvious dose of subjectivity and bad faith on top, in order to decide which fonts we would keep or not. This is not a definitive sort, and some fonts might come back, some new fonts will be released, and some others might sunset one day too. As of everything with Velvetyne, this is a work in progress.

Here is the alphabetical list of all retired typefaces, with a link to where you can still find them. We think people should continue to be able to find them, use them, and even fork them to give them a second life !

We would like to personnaly thank all the people (in the list or not) who ever contributed to Velvetyne. You made what Velvetyne is today, even if your fonts are not on the catalogue anymore.

VTF is dead, long live Velvetyne,
and maybe those fonts have a right to an early retirement too ;)