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We design libre / open source fonts. Learn more and contribute to the adventure of Velvetyne by reading our “about” page.

Hire us

We’re aware that the fonts in our catalogue aren’t always as complete or perfect as we would want them to be. Sometimes you may feel that the Velvetyne font you’re using is missing some glyphs, some weights or that it hasn’t got the exact proper width for your project. Please reach out to us; the original designer of the font will be happy to add the glyphs you need or to design a new style for a fair price.

Sometimes you may also like to have your own particular design of one of VTF’s fonts. Contact us and we will be glad to design a custom and unique version of one of our fonts. In other cases, you may need a font that is not in our catalogue. Come talk with us and we may design an original typeface to fit your specific needs. Last but not least, asking us to do some custom work is the best way for you to show your support to our libre activity and to ensure its longevity.

In any case, drop us a line at !

Selection of custom works we have done